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Witch Books

You can’t choose the members of your family, not even the dead ones.

Witch Bottle
Book I of  Witch Books (The Amy Grey Novels)

     A modern day paranormal murder mystery with a 17th Century twist.
     After a family tragedy, Amy Grey finds herself in a foreign country emptying her parent’s belongings from their summer cottage. The cottage, however, feels strange and Amy is certain someone or something is watching her. 
     Quickly, Amy slips into everyday life of a small town which, unbeknown to her, is haunted and conceals a serial killer. Bodies pile up because the Police have no leads, nor any evidence to pursue, nothing except a rare Witch’s Sigil. More...

History isn't safe when you can rewrite it.

Witch Tree
Book II of Witch Books (The Amy Grey Novels)

     Despite the busy schedule of being a best-selling author, Amy begins to accept her heritage and starts her lessons in the arcane arts with Erda as her teacher.
     As Amy returns to a quiet life, and writing her next novel in the small town of Morton Creek, she and Erda start noticing some things are strangely different. Why are events and people changing around them, when Amy and Erda remember it all quite differently?
     With a few of the town’s people missing and others appearing back from the dead, what is happening to Morton Creek?
     Amy and Erda's confusion and inquisitiveness take them on an eerie journey to a past full of spells, death and dark magic. They must correct the past to save the present and protect the future, or lose everything they know and love. More...