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~ Castrum Lucis

The Chameleon Sagas, Book II

In the home of the Council, anything can happen.

     Shipton-under-Wychwood is the sleepy English village where Kate
Henson arrived to study at the theatre school. It was also where she made friends, fell in love and discovered a secret, hidden world of creatures masquerading as humans.
     She also found out she had an extraordinary new destiny ahead of her.

     Kate returns home to all things familiar but now knows her life will never be normal, nor human, again. What will she discover about herself? Also, what will she feed on and truly become? Will she be a Hippie, a Feeder or a Bleeder?
     Learning to use her new powers, she must hide the frightening truth from the entire human world. She must also survive the Council's testing and her interment at Castrum Lucis just to become a functioning member of their society.
     Sadly, she is set apart from the man she loves by a seer's vision, but will Kate find solace with another? Perhaps with a Bleeder, but how can he be trusted when his allegiance belongs elsewhere?
     Between England and Canada, some lives are lost and others changed forever, and, when a struggle for the Chameleon ruling power erupts, secrets best hidden are revealed.
     Kate battles her own fears, while rebel Chameleons try to change their secret society and the human world…forever.
     The lives of all hang in the balance, until the long lost voice of The Hermit is heard from deep within the ancient, hidden world of the Chameleons.

 Wyrdwood Publications • Paperback/eBook • 2015 • 
9780993622335 $15.00/$4.99 Age Range: YA, Adult
Genre: Young Adult Fiction Mystery, Suspense, Thriller • Supernatural

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