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~ Maud and the Tea of Dume

Magic, Tea & Witches, Book 1

     Magic, Tea and Witches, what would the world be without them?

     Maud Twangle, a Professional Witch, lives in a world full of magic and mystery with her best friend, Henrietta, who is a Magical Moon Spider. Henrietta lives under Maud’s floppy and rather bedraggled, felt pointed ‘going out’ Witches’ hat, which was not to be confused with Maud's floppy and rather bedraggled, felt pointed ‘gardening’ Witches’ hat, of course.
     Whilst going about her daily magical life, fully of trips to the city by Owl (she much prefers to travel that way, rather than by Dragon) for Tea Symposiums, Maud stumbles headlong into three mysteries which she vows, upon the said floppy and rather bedraggled, felt pointed ‘going out’ Witches’ hat, to solve all of them.
The Three Mysteries:
1. Witches & Wizards of the First Order are dying and it's changing the magical world.
2. A child has appeared in Maud's cottage, where has she come from and why?
3. What is wrong with the Tea of Dume and why does Maud instinctively fear it?

      With a swish of magic, a smattering of luck and an ingenious brain, Maud endeavours to solve all these mysteries. However, what will happen to the magical world and its varied inhabitants, if she fails? ‘Tis a horror too terrible to contemplate, without copious amount of tea, of course.

Wyrdwood Publications • Paperback/eBook • 2014 • 
9780993622359 $15.00/$2.99 Age Range: All Ages
Genre: Fantasy Mystery

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