Internationally acclaimed author of paranormal mysteries, supernatural thrillers and magically enchanted tales.

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Edain Duguay

In 2008, Edain permanently moved from Lincolnshire, in the UK, to Ontario, Canada with her Canadian husband, where she is now a full-time writer.
     Edain is presently writing two series' of books and a trilogy: The Chameleon Sagas (trilogy), The Amy Grey Novels (series) and Magic, Tea & Witches (series).
     Edain's writing gravitates towards the historical, supernatural and paranormal genres and she is an author who brings an unusual English lilt and humour to her writings, no matter the genre.
     You can find her books online and in all good book stores.

Published Books:

Maud and the Tea of Dume
Magic, Tea & Witches series
   (2015, Paperback & eBook)
Castrum Lucis
   Book II of The Chameleon Sagas
   (2015, Paperback & eBook)
Witch Bottle
   An Amy Grey Novel
   (2014, Paperback & eBook)
   Book I of The Chameleon Sagas
   (2013, Paperback & eBook)
The Witchlets of Witches Brew ~ A Collection of Tales
   (2014 Paperback. 2012, eBook)

Upcoming Books:

 Witch Tree
   An Amy Grey Novel
   (Oct 2016, Paperback & eBook)
Immortal Lights
   Book III of The Chameleon Sagas
   (2017, Paperback & eBook)
Emily and the Cup of  L.O.V.E.
   Book II of Magic, Tea & Witches
   (2017, Paperback & eBook)