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New Book Release!

The long awaited sequel to Witch Bottle has finally arrived!
Witch Tree continues the story of Amy and Erda and their dangerous adventures together, in fact it carries almost straight on from the last book. So make sure you've read Witch Bottle first!

More about Witch Tree:

History isn't safe when you can rewrite it.
A modern day paranormal murder mystery with a 17th Century twist.

Amy and Erda go on an eerie journey to a past full of spells, death and dark magic. They must correct the past to save the present and protect the future, or lose everything they know and love.

*Book Giveaway Prize Draw*
If you buy the Witch Book paperback from this website during the weekend of 8 - 9th July 2017, your name will be put into the prize draw for a FREE signed copy of your choosing from my other five books!

You can buy the paperback here:

This book is also available on Kindle and Kobo.
I hope you enjoy the read as much I enjoyed writing it.