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The Never Ending List

     Now that all the festivities are over and everyday day life has settled around my shoulders like an old comfy shawl, I have returned to my long To Do list. Like many others, authors included, my list is never ending as soon as I strike through a completed entry another pops into my head and is added to the list. Thankfully, I find such a list a comfort, it gives me direction when my head is filled with characters, locations and dialogue for several scenes in several books which rotate around my mind all at the same time.
     My To Do list helps me to remain in this realm and not one of my own creation and reminds me to do the mundane things of everyday life. Quite often, however, my list does have usual items on it, for example:

1) Groceries
2) Research old English house protection methods and spells
3) Write a new blog post
4) Research boiling human flesh from bones.
5) Refill prescriptions

    It amuses me how weird my life can be sometimes, but I love the outlet of creative writing and I can't wait to return to my latest story and get it finished and out to you...once I get this To Do list tackled. ;)