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Chameleons Are Everywhere!

Recently, Chameleon and Castrum Lucis, books 1 & 2 of  The Chameleon Sagas, have been enjoying an upsurge of interest, which delights me greatly as I love writing these books.
The story of Kate Henson is actually trilogy, but I've had so many people telling me they want more from the world of the Chameleons that although the next book, Immortal Lights, is the end of Kate's story, I do believe the ancient and mysterious world she found herself in will continue past her.
So to set the record straight... there will be more books!
As you can see below, the reviews have been wonderful and very exciting.
All this good news has led me to create special social media accounts where I can post more information, images and competitions based on these popular books. You can now find brand a new Instagram account and a Facebook page dedicated to The Chameleon Sagas.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has supported these stories!