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Holidays & Research


     For a couple of weeks, over the Christmas and New Year period, I was back in the UK spending some time with my family, it was great to see them and reconnect. Although, I did lots of celebrating, eating and meeting up with many people I have not seen in a very long time, I also made time to do some research too... but more of that in a moment.
     My hometown of Lincoln is absolutely steeped in history, it is, after all, a town that the Romans built. Let me show you a bit of its history from the pictures I took.

     During all these visits to the wonderful historical places in and around Lincoln, I wanted to go back and visit Lincoln Castle for a few reasons. Firstly, my daughter Melissa and I used to go at least once a month for a picnic and to watch whatever event was happening, so it was nice to return and reminisce a little. Secondly, they have made some substantial renovations since I was last there and indeed some great improvements, however, the Magna Carta display was sadly rather lacking, in my opinion, and nothing like it used to be. Thirdly, and lastly, I wanted to return to the Castle dungeon to get a feel of the place, to remember the cold stone, the small and cramped quarters that held several people at once and take a few photo's so I could bring it all home with me to add to a plot of a new, and secret for now, story.

     Physically being in a place I write about really helps me describe it and remember the feeling of the place, this is why I mostly write about places I've been to such as Rovinj in Croatia, which features heavily in Chameleon or the wonderful village of Brew in the Witchlets of Witches Brew, which is an amalgamation of various small, English country villages I have visited over the years.
     Right, time to get back to the writing. :)