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In an effort to give my readers more of what they want, I have created a new Facebook page for the Amy Grey novels. The page is called Witch Books by Edain Duguay and will solely relate to that book series. The name Witch Books comes from the titles of the books, which will be similar. For example: the first book in the series is Witch Bottle, the second will be Witch Tree and so forth.

This page will have more details about the series, locations used in the books, character profiles and witchy orientated posts as well as giveaways, promotions and a few things that go bump in the night.

I am pleased to say the page already has almost 300 Likes, which is hugely gratifying as a page takes a lot of work, especially when one has two of them and FB has some crazy ideas about what fans can see. Please do visit it and Like the page, but also can you click on Get notifications that way you will see more of what I post, thanks!

Books in the series:

Witch Bottle 
Book One in the Amy Grey Novels
For more details about this book click here.
Available here on my website and also from all good books stores.
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Witch Tree
Book Two in the Amy Grey Novels
Coming 2016

See you on my new Facebook page