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The Excitement Grows!

     The last few days before a release is always a nervous and rather manic time, there are plenty of last minute things to do, to make sure the launch is a good one, and, of course, there is the usual nervousness about the release. 
     The thought of sending something out to the public, which I've worked long and hard on, can be filled with excitement and sheer terror as I await comments from its first readers. What if they don't like it? What if they say it's not good enough? Now, don't get me wrong, I love this book and wouldn't be releasing it if I wasn't happy with how it turned out, but, inevitably, I do have a few shaky moments as it's set free, if you understand my meaning.

Anyhoo, moving bravely onward, there are several exciting things happening right now:
  • You can now place a pre-order for Castrum Lucis on it's page here on my website (click link). You can also have it autographed, if you wish.

  •  There is a signed copy of Castrum Lucis giveaway running on Goodreads at present. Feel free to drop in and put your name on the list, you never know, you may win!

  • Finally, on Sunday, 31st of May 2015, Castrum Lucis will be available to buy both in paperback and ebook formats. You can buy the paperbacks from the book's page here on my website and the ebook from Amazon and Kobo. Also, Amazon will shortly be listing the paperback in all it's stores, as will Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Chapters and all other good books stores.
     Please join me on launch day on Facebook for a chance to get a free copy, instructions will be on my FB page on the day.

     Don't forget to let me know what you think of Castrum Lucis, I would love to hear your thoughts.