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Yule Special Offer!

As we head towards the Yule celebrations, we're all looking for those perfect gifts and I may have the answer for you.

I'm pleased to offer my three books as a 
Special Yule Collection for only $30!!/Yule-Special-~-Three-Book-Collection/p/44776369/category=0 
There is a limited amount of stock, so please purchase your set today!
 You can buy them from my store HERE.

Just so you can match my books with your loved ones preferences, here is a little more about each one.

  • Witch Bottle ~ A Paranormal murder mystery with a 17th Century twist. (Adult) See more details 
  • Chameleon ~ A supernatural thriller about a secret and deadly ancient society masquerading as humans. (YA / Adult) See more details 
  • The Witchlets of Witches Brew ~ Nine short stories about nine children and nine virtues, during seasonal celebrations and set in a modern day pagan village. (All Ages) See more details

Also, I can sign the books to whomever you are gifting them to, just type their names into the box provided.
Happy shopping!