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When a book is first released, the author tends to hold their breath for a few moments...waiting, and hoping, that it will be well received by their readers. Well, I'm so very pleased to see that Witch Bottle, the first book in the new series The Amy Grey Novels, has been welcomed into the hearts of my readers.

Witch Bottle was only released on the 1st November and already I'm getting inundated with messages and emails from very happy readers. I've just discovered it now has it's first 5 star rating on Amazon and it's received a great review by the Geeky Godmother.

 'This is a wonderfully dark paranormal mystery. [...] It's a fabulous blend of murder mystery and supernatural suspense, and witchcraft both historical and fanciful.'

You can read her full review here.

And, to top all this good news, there is still this:

Remember, if you have not read it yet, and would like an autographed copy of Witch Bottle, you can order it here.